If there would be any flower of which ‘the praise’ is sung, it is undoubtedly the ‘Queen of Flowers’, Paeonia. Paeonia has a long standing reputation. It is the favourite flower of people since ancient times, not only because of its extraordinary beauty, its big corolla, gorgeous colours, elegant appearance, various shapes and numerous varieties, but also because of the fact that Paeonia has been regarded as the symbol of friendship, happiness; love, luck and peace.

Paeonia lactiflora are long lived plants which can bear over minus 40 degrees Celcius. When Paeonia is grown under optimal conditions it is not unrealistic to expect to live them for over 30 years. As long as the plants produce sufficient flowers they do not need to be divided. On the contrary, well-established plants do not like to be disturbed. If, however, you have to re-locate herbaceous peonies it is always better to dig, divide and replant rather than transplant the entire plant from one location to another. This should be done if it seems that the plants have passed their peak, producing only a few, small flowers. To avoid non-blooming of the plants, new divisions should be planted with the top eyes on the crown not deeper than 5cm. This is the most critical aspect!  It usually takes up to 3 years from the first Spring after planting before Paeonia flowers. Good quality, fresh large root divisions with 3-5 eyes, will show 1 or 2 flowers in the second year after planting. Smaller divisions can take longer to produce the first flower.

The Paeonia  BORDER DIAMONDS® COLLECTION  does not require a specific type of soil. The soil must be well-drained as too much water could harm the plants. Well-established plants must be prepared for Winter by cutting down the foliage after the first hard frost. It is also a good idea to remove the foliage from the Paeonia area in order to avoid botrytis, attacking the Paeonia flowers in cold wet weather in Spring.

Paeonia do best in full sun. As they are slow-growing perennials, requiring several years to reach their performance potential, it is recommended to give Paeonia sufficient space in the garden, 1 plant per 1 meter. This spacing ensures some air circulation and not too much root competition. Paeonia, actually are low maintenance plants once established, but adding compost or old, well-rotted cow manure, shallowly incorporated around older plants might give a surplus value to the flowers.

Paeonia  BORDER DIAMONDS® COLLECTION are Paeonia varieties of American origin, recommended by prominent garden designers and leading florists and are most wanted and very popular collector items.

Paeonia  BORDER DIAMONDS® COLLECTION are all proven varieties and have been tested for over 10 years.

Paeonia lactiflora Bouquet Perfect, bred by Tischler, USA in 1987 is a wonderful arrangement flower. The bright pink flowers has a compact ball of small petals in the center, surrounded by a single layer of guard petals. It blooms mid-season.

Paeonia lactiflora Bowl of Cream was bred  by Klehm, USA in 1963. The large, bowl-shaped blossoms are luscious, cream-white with hidden golden stamens . the flower size is about 20-25cm in diameter. Excellent cut flower. Winner of the APS  Gold Medal in 1981.

Paeonia Cytherea hybrid was bred by Sounders USA in 1953. It is semi-double hybrid of deep cherry-rose that ages to a delicate peachy-pink. The flower is wide cup-shaped and is an excellent cut flower. An outstanding variety in the landscape because of the low habit. Winner of the APS Gold Medal in 1980.

Paeonia hybrid Diana Parks was bred by Bockstoce, USA and introduced in 1942. It is an outstanding hybrid with huge, fragrant, bomb-shaped brilliant, glittering carmine-red blooms with a hint of orange. The guard petals are cupped around a ball of central, gently ruffled petals to form a domed flower. The 100cm long sturdy  stem does not require staking. Excellent cut flower.

Paeonia lactiflora Dinner Plate is a tetraploid peony, bred by Charles Klehm, USA and introduced in 1968. It is aptly named for its wondrous size. The contrast of the huge, enormous double, 17cm shell pink blossoms against the d  ark green foliage, creates a dramatic visual impact.

Paeonia Elsa Sass, introduced in 1930, is a pure white, late flowering peony with incurved petals. The stems are stiff and strong, holding the beautiful bloom erect under all conditions. Extended flowering time because of the many side buds. Possesses a texture like velvet and shows  remarkable class. It won the APS Gold Medal in 1943.

Paeonia Henry Bockstoce bred by Bockstoce, USA, is a hybrid, registered in 1955. It is an enormous, dinner-plate size, rich cardinal-red double. The petals are of a heavy substance with a deep r  ed sheen. Excellent cut flower.

Paeonia Johnny is an anemone type with raspberry-red petals and a full centre of golden petaloids. It is a strong grower and an excellent cut flower. The origin of Paeonia Johnny is unknown. This attractive variety is seldom offered and is a most wanted collector’s item.

Paeonia Joker, bred by Alan Rogers, USA and introduced in 2004, is an herbaceous hybrid. It has full double, dark-pink flowers which mature to a white centre with a pink, picoted edge. A striking garden flower which is excellent for cut.

Paeonia lactiflora Nick Shaylor was bred by Allison, USA and introduced in 1931. It is a full double rose-type with delicate buds that open well to display light pink blooms with red flecking. An outstanding beauty which won twice the APS Gold Medal.

Paeonia lactiflora Raspberry Sundae, bred by Klehm, USA, introduced in 1968. The flower shows a lovely ball of curling, creamy petals, heavily flushed with pink, and framed by lots of creamy-white guard petals. It has a subtle, very pleasing fragrance that wafts through the garden.

Paeonia Red Grace is a deep red hybrid, bred by Glassock, USA, introduced in 1980. It is famous for its gigantic compacted ‘ball’ of rich petals, making it one of the most symmetrically round, large peonies.

Paeonia Salmon Chiffon was bred by Nathan Klehm, USA and introduced in 1981. It is a peony hybrid that has a flower of an intensive salmon-coral colour. The large flower is cup-shaped with many rows of undulated petals, frothy and of delicate appearance like chiffon.

Paeonia Sunny Girl is a hybrid, bred by Chris Laning, USA and introduced in 1985. It is a large, butter-yellow, full double peony, an advanced generation hybrid. The foliage is dark green, the stems very erect, standing 100cm tall.

Paeonia Sweet Sixteen, bred by Carl Klehm, USA has pink flowers with ball shaped blooms, surrounded by one or two rows of pink and white guard petals, providing an airy, delicate effect.

Garden peonies are classic garden plants that add a bit of nostalgia and charm to the garden. They are simple to grow and can be used in mass plantings or hedges, or as fragrant cut flowers. By choosing a mix of early, mid and late blooming varieties, the blossoms of the Paeonia  BORDER DIAMONDS® COLLECTION can be enjoyed for up to six weeks. Peonies do not need any recommendation.