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The Chinese Mudan

A brief story of how the world-famous Chinese Paeonia Suffriticosa came to Europe If one ever will visit the RoyalKewGardens in the United Kingdom it is a must to visit the Chinese Style Greenhouse, where more than 1700 plants, introduced from China, are growing. The...

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Brunnera macrophylla belongs to the group of so-called harsh-leaved plants, Boraginacea. Many plants belong to this family, for example Symphytum officinale and Borago officinalis The plant is named after Samuel Brunner,a famous botanist and plant collector who was...

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Walters Gardens

Be apart of something great Walters Gardens USA The Biggest perennial nursery of the world and the leading grower of perennials in North-America If there would be any hardy perennial nursery somewhere in the world which is worth to be visited, it is WALTERS GARDENS...

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