An introduction of Terra Nova® Nurseries Inc. USA 

Asexual propagation is strictly prohibited 

Bergenia is a rather small, but unique genus with about 12 species. All are vigorous perennials with creeping thick  rhizomes and large, leathery, evergreen leaves growing into broad, dense clumps. All the Bergenia, whether they are species or hybrids, easily do well in any site or soil type, except extreme shade.

Bergenia often stands out among other perennials because of their unique, bold-leaved character. Good companion plants are Astilbe, Heuchera and Brunnera. Excessive Summer heat and drought should be avoided. Bergenia is extremely hardy. 

The genus Bergenia was named after Mr. Karl von Bergen, born in 1704 in Germany. He was a medical practioner, professor at the University of Frankfort at the Oder, and the author of publications on botany. He died in 1760. 

 In the past, hybrids were introduced infrequently. With this in mind, these new Terra Nova® Bergenia varieties will conquer the world very quickly. Five outstanding varieties  have already proven their garden value. The Dragonfly® Series offer a group of plants that feature compact glossy foliage that turns a black-purple in winter and carry profuse blooms.