Phlox paniculata Individuals® Series

Asexual propagation strictly prohibited

Long-blooming perennials make life easy for gardeners who crave colours all Summer. It is the old-fashioned garden Phlox, the Granddaddy of the Perennial Garden which continues its display into the Autumn. There is nothing dull with Phlox and they will definitely attract attention, but they require very little of it. When everything else in the garden is fizzling out, the large Phlox flowers almost seem to glow.

The  garden Phlox,  botanically known as Phlox paniculata, is one of the most widely grown perennials. The plants colourful flower heads are found in nearly all sunny perennial gardens and are considered to be one of the best plants available for midsummer colour. It begins just to bloom as the summer heat set in. Phlox paniculata has large flowers  heads with a distinctive, sweet fragrance, and is one of the showiest and most popular. In the warm evenings of summer, the garden will become magical at dusk as the flowers become luminescent and fill the air with perfume. It is no wonder that the name Phlox means: Sweet Dreams!

Growing Phlox is not difficult at all. This perennial usually perform well in full sun, but a little shade in mid-afternoon makes a happier plant. Phlox likes fertile, organic-rich beds with good drainage Deadheading will prolong bloom time and prevent self-seeding. 

One of the prized aspects of Phlox is the fragrance. Sometimes old fashioned perennial flowers lose much of the glorious scent due to hybridization, but many Phlox varieties still have their wonderful fragrance and one of them is the Phlox paniculata INDIVIDUALS® SERIES, a tall growing new colour range in perennial Phlox. They are heat and humidity tolerant. 

The Phlox paniculata INDIVIDUALS® SERIES is available in 9 varieties, which all are tall and late flowering .Phlox paniculata Autumn Joy; Phlox paniculata Babje Leto; Phlox paniculata Cool Water; Phlox paniculata Crême de la Crême; Phlox amplifolia Goliath; Phlox paniculata Green Expectation; Phlox paniculata Ice Cream; Phlox paniculata Modern Art; Phlox paniculata Raving Beauty .Each individual variety is a garden beauty itself, fast growing; healthy; extremely floriferous and excellent for cutting. Phlox GOLIATH, which also belongs to the Individuals®, is no paniculata but an amplifolia, the very first in a new range. All varieties do not fade and are a definite charming addition to your perennial garden.

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