Veronica spicata hybrid BOMB Series          

Veronica spicata hybrid EXPLOSION Series

The entire series is protected by breeder rights in Europe and the USA

Asexual propagation is strictly prohibited

Veronica, commonly known as Speedwell or bird’s-eye, is recommended as a reliable garden plant, prized by gardeners, nice-looking and attracting attention for their elegancy.  These long-blooming, easy care perennials show their spiky flowers throughout Spring and Summer and even early Autumn. Their popularity increased during recent years,  due to the introduction of many hybrid cultivars with new colours and improved plant forms. Whether planted at the front, middle or back of the border, their slender wands enliven the garden with colour. Flowers at the base of the inflorescence bloom first, with subsequent buds opening steadily in an upward fashion.

Though there are about 250 different species of Veronica known, the so-called ‘spiked speedwell’, Veronica spicata and their hybrids are the most attractive species which are familiar to gardeners. Veronica spicata hybrids are easily to grow, clump forming perennials for the sunny border. Most are relatively compact and have upright well-branched flower spikes and can be long-lived, provided that garden soils drain freely, which is especially important during winter months. Veronica spicata hybrids require little maintenance and are absolutely hardy. A midsummer shearing after the first bloom promotes healthy new, basal foliage and encourages late summer flowering. Plants grown in less light will not bloom as profusely and may become lax or open in habit.

Brand new are the Veronica spicata hybrid BOMB Series and Veronica spicata hybrid EXPLOSION Series.

 The outstanding, very floriferous varieties of the BOMB Series, Baby Bomb®; Blue Bomb® and Pink Bomb® form unique round plumes of tightly bunched flower spikes, which gradually open from the base to the tips, resulting in very long bloom times. Often buds are still developing at the tips while they are in full bloom at the base. Veronica hybrid  BOMB Series is very compact with dark green foliage and rigid stems and are perfect container plants as well.

Also the  EXPLOSION Series consists of four varieties, Bicolor Explosion®;  Blue Explosion®; Pink Explosion® and Purple Explosion®. They form medium clumps of dark green foliage with upright plumes. Excellent branching habit forms dense plumes, exploding with long spikes of blue; mixed blue-pink-white on a single spike; pink and purple, resulting in an exceptionally long bloom time.

Both the Series are durable plants, bloomers which colours the garden from late Spring into early Autumn. These top-rated spiked speedwells exhibit strong habits and excellent flower production throughout the season.  The floriferous nature of the Veronica spicata hybrid BOMB and EXPLOSION Series is evident. When deadheading(removing) the faded flower spikes, new flowers occur constantly.