Delphinium Highlander®Series The entire series has been patented. Asexual propagation is strictly prohibited

Delphinium is a stately, elegant perennial, which makes the garden truly splendid. Every year they astonish you by their regal colours and elegant stature. They come in an array of beautiful colours but are most famous for their astounding blue shades. Delphiniums peak bloom period is early to midsummer and may continue late into the fall. Delphinium is extremely hardy and are one of the easiest plants to grow. Even when planted in a less than ideal spot and never get around to pampering them, they still thrive and bloom wonderfully.

A complete, brand new and excellent outstanding range of Delphiniums is undoubtedly the Delphinium Highlander®Series, bred by the Scottish couple Tony and Maureen  Coakley.

The Herald Scotland daily reported about this couple as follows: “no pain, no gain is the motto of one man who goes to great lengths to reach perfection. The art of taking pains is what has transformed a non-gardener into one of the most eminent growers of Delphinium.  Ones they bought a packet of Delphinium seeds of which actually one seed grew up. When they saw it flowering they were hooked. Though no gardener of profession, Tony started breeding Delphinium as a hobby and won a lot of prizes on shows. He used to have hobbies like fishing and weight training but that’s all in the past now. Delphiniums have taken over his life”. One of Tony’s success stories is the creation of the double frilled Delphinium Highlander®Series which consists of 5 outstanding varieties.

Delphiniums reign supreme in the summer border. Delphiniums stand out in the garden like rockets or fireworks that have left their blazing trail standing in the air, the most vigorous and meaty verticals the summer garden can provide.